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'Black Widow' vanity cabinet

The Black Widow gets a page to herself as I designed and handbuilt her for my furniture design course graduation piece. She made me a cabinet-maker.


She's 150cm tall and the central mirror is eye level (so you don't have to sit down while wearing your ballgown). The doors close, the handles stare back at you. I'd call the style 'steampunk deco'.


She's built from two solid hardwoods: wenge and birds-eye maple. These were French polished. I crafted the brass inlay, hand-turned the off-centre legs and made all the feature fittings. Sadly these are the only photos I have of her, and you can't see the detail.

I built the Black Widow from a design in my mind. When the tutor asked for my working drawings I handed him a beer mat. I had back-fit the paperwork to pass the course. 

She was featured in the London New Designers exhibition and sold. I'd love to make something similar one day. Handcrafted furniture commissions always welcome!

Ben Fearnside_Black widow.jpg
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